Impressions of a Broken Heart: Poetry of Love, Evidence of Pain

Pain Of A Broken Heart
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It's kind of an apology, so I guess it could be considered a sorry love poem. If Only If only I had done the things That keep true love alive, I wouldn't have to acknowledge now That our love cannot survive. If only I had described to you The joy you brought to me, Instead of bringing you complaints, You wouldn't have set me free. If only I had treated you As if we were best friends, I wouldn't be alone in grief, As our faded love finally ends.

If only I didn't have to say, "If only, my love, if only," I wouldn't be all by myself So sorry, sad and lonely. I sleepwalk through each day; I pray to heaven above, Hoping you'll change your mind, But I know I've lost your love. I wish that things were different; I wish it were the way it was, But reality has no pity; It just happens the way it does.

Will I ever feel any better, With days when I don't cry?

No matter what, it's time to say Goodbye, my love, goodbye. I don't know what to do To get me back to you.

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I've got nothing left to lose; I'm sadness, tears and blues. Lots of people are searching for a prayer for love, and I think it belongs on the sad love poems page. Here it is. I pray You'll give me one who cares, Who understands me, who always shares, The answer to my fondest dream, The two of us, a perfect team.

Lord, when each new day is through, I pray we'll turn our hearts to You. Curious about the Christian religion? What is Christianity? What is a Christian? What is Christian faith?

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To see the answers and find out how to become a Christian, check out this Web site. Looking for general romantic love poetry? Short love poems? Teen, anniversary, birthday or Valentine love poetry? A Christmas love rhyme? Relationship or marriage poems? There are more than poems at this site. Terms of Use.

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Think of someone you admire and imagine how they would handle the thoughts you are having. Then visualize yourself acting in the same way. Unhealthy relationships can lead to negative thoughts and stressful states. Nourishing positive relationships will enrich your life, filling your mind with more positive thoughts and memories.

Everything starts with the first step. Hypnosis is a proven therapy that enables your subconscious thoughts to influence your unconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings. Hypnotherapy can improve and resolve issues in your life and free your mind of worries and concerns.

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Do these more often! Engaging in a pastime you enjoy helps to promote a more mindful and meditative state of mind. To let go of regrets, you could write a letter to yourself or make a list and then burn or throw it into a stream as a ritual of letting the regrets go.

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But you have learned so much together and come so far. It's the story of me and my best friend, and we are no longer best friends anymore. Lord, when each new day is through, I pray we'll turn our hearts to You. I will not play at tug o'war, I'd rather play at hug o'war, Where everyone hugs, Instead of tugs. Research shows that long-term couples with deep, strong connections can successfully soothe each other in stressful situations or when one of them experiences pain simply by holding hands. My mother was very angry and commanded me to break up with him.

Move your body and let go of what you think you look like! This is guaranteed to alter your mood and free your mind. Try something new; maybe a new hobby or even a new meal choice. Mix things up and get out of your usual way of doing things. What are you attached to? Guilt is a strong emotion that can become overwhelming and all-consuming.

Look at addressing what you feel guilty about, and see how you can either resolve the issues you feel guilty about, or how you can be more compassionate towards yourself. Being grateful allows you to live in the present and see the blessings in front of you right now. Reading about people and events that inspire you can help put your thoughts into a different context. When you spend time with positive and like-minded people, you spend more of your time in the moment instead of over-thinking or analyzing yourself. Learning helps you to expand your mind, which can help you achieve a more enlightened and informed point of view.

You are affirming all the time by the way you think and talk. Using positive affirmations helps you to make better choices and see things from a different and more positive perspective.

Reading, listening, and discussing opinions different from your own can open your mind and help you to see life from different perspectives. This can be particularly freeing if you are stuck in thinking about certain things in a particular way.

Featured photo credit: Sage Friedman via unsplash. Communication Relationships Advertising. Alex Strike Read full profile. Share Pin it Tweet Share Email. More by this author Alex Strike. Read Next. Communication Motivation Advertising. Kristene B. An example of this is the beginning paragraph where the reader gets the impression that this woman is going to be extremely upset that her husband has died in a train accident.

The rest of the narrative begins to twist the story to the exact opposite of what the reader was waiting to have happen. We find a woman who instead of being upset and heart-broken over her husband's death is experiencing complete joy over the death of another human being. Which, of course, now gives us the impression that she has been mistreated in this relationship and that, perhaps, this death is for the best.

All this makes the reader justify the way the woman reacted, but in the end it's Mrs. Mallard who dies upon seeing her husband alive and well. This ending definitely conjures up some questions that are difficult to answer. Ron B. This was a great story. I like Chopin even though she is an ardent feminist. Through the first read several things stood out. First you will notice how the woman of the story is simply referred to as Mrs. Mallard--an appendage of Brently Mallardthen when she is free she is referred to as Louise, her first name.

Chopin is trying to say that marriage represses women and "bends the will. She knows that this man loved her, but that is not enough for her to feel any love for him. Personally, I have never seen a working relationship that was totally one-sided. It is great that such a short little story could raise so many questions about the nature of relationships and what they mean to a woman like Chopin.

She considers any intention that bends the will a crime, even if it is kind. There could be a thousand years of philosophical debate on that one point. In the way of characters I think Richards was an interesting character. His role seems so small, perhaps intentionally so. Chopin is trying to show that women can get along just fine without having men interfere. The major theme of the story represents a disdain for the way that women are treated in some relationships, and to a certain extent in society as well.

It is hard for a male to give concrete examples of a female's place in society having never dealt with that stereotype.

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However in this story there is so much repression.