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Love in the Great Southland
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Warren Gregory, an alumnus of this University, a series of evening talks was arranged, given before the seniors of the College of Commerce, by leaders in the local business world. These informal addresses were devoted to a discussion of the business opportunities for the graduates of the College of Commerce.

During the summer, Dr. Ira B. He also assisted in the administration of the Students' Army Training Corps in so far as the Ordnance, Tank and Transport branches of the Army were concerned. The principal development in the Department of English during the past year has been the evolution of a plan whereby the freshman course in English Composition, hitherto known as English 1A-B, will meet more effectively the preparation and needs of incoming students.

Beginning with August, , an examination in Subject A English Composition will be prescribed for all entrants to the colleges at Berkeley. Students who pass the examination with grades of 1 or 2 will not be required, but will be advised, to continue their training in oral and written composition. An election of courses will be provided. Students who pass the examination in Subject A with a grade of 3 will be required to take a course in Exposition during their freshman or sophomore years.

Students who receive the grades of 4 or 5 in Subject A will be conditioned in the subject and will not be granted the Junior Certificate until the examination has been passed. They will be required to take, without credit, a course in English Composition, especially designed to meet their needs, and calling for one period of class instruction per week together with written exercises and conferences. They must continue the course until they have passed Subject A. No student who has not passed Subject A will be admitted to any University course in oral or written composition other than the course described above save in the case of foreign students who may be permitted to elect a course especially designed for them.

Another important development of the year has been the revision and simplification of the program for systematic study in English and for honors. The program as it now stands provides for the presentation to and approval by the department of a schedule of courses in English aggregating 24 units at the beginning of the Junior year and the passing, in the senior year, of an examination in the history of the literature, English Final Examination No.

Considerable latitude in the revision of the original schedule and the substitution of units from other courses, especially those of the Department of Public Speaking, will be allowed. Students registered for honors may attain honors in English by completing the program of systematic study with distinction. During the first semester the Department devoted the resources of its freshman English staff to the training in English of members of the Students' Army Training Corps, carrying on the work effectively despite the many interruptions caused by military assignments, influenza and other unexpected difficulties.

Under the direction of S. Hume, Assistant Professor of Dramatic Literature and Art, classes in dramatic composition have been conducted by the department. Professor Hume has directed the department's series of public readings from English Literature during the current year.

  1. Le dénouement dun secret de famille : Derrière le voile de Vichy (Psychanalyse et civilisations) (French Edition)!
  2. Applications of High-Field and Short Wavelength Sources.
  3. Agriculture.
  4. Escapade: images and impressions?
  5. July - September 12222.

He also managed a state-wide competition of high school students in the reading and interpretation of Shakespeare. It is hoped by the department to make this an annual event. Witter Bynner, Instructor in English, has conducted a course in the Writing of Verse and has further contributed to the poetic enthusiasm of the University community by the delivery of his Canticle in the Greek Theatre. He also directed a public celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Walt Whitman.

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Kurtz, Associate Professor of English, and Mr. Guy Montgomery, Instructor in English, have established courses in the literary study of primitive culture. This work will be continued and extended, plans being in hand for the presentation of additional courses in investigation of folk-lore problems. During the past year the work of the Department of Geography has been primarily to participate in the general effort to make the University of service to the community and to the nation in the period of stress.

The special courses offered to that end were Oceanography and Meteorology, for students in the Naval Unit, and Military Geology, which, as outlined by the Circular of the War Department Committee on Geology and Geography, closely approximated a geography course as formerly given.

Other courses were shaped to show more completely to what extent the elements in the geographical environment of a people affect their work and their relations to other peoples. The value of such training has been emphasized by graduates in active service, who in their letters have expressed their appreciation of the usefulness of their knowledge of various geographical factors. In addition to their regular work of instruction, members of this department have devoted much of their time and energy during the past year to the war minerals investigation conducted under the auspices of the State Council of Defense, the United States Bureau of Mines, and the United States Geological Survey.

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This work was done through a Committee on Geology and Mineral Resources established the first week in May, , by Dr. David P.

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Branner, chairman; G. Louderback, Professor of Geology; and F. As reorganized and enlarged by Professor A. Bradley, Dr. Branner, L.

Duschak, D. Folsom, Fletcher Hamilton, G. Louderback chariman , T. Rickard, and Bailey Willis. A full report of the work of the committee is filed with the State Council of Defense. In the first semester of a course in military map reading and topography was organized for students in the Students' Army Training Corps Unit and courses in military geology and geography were partially organized. During the spring half-year double courses in mineralogy and petrography were offered and several fundamental first term courses were repeated to give students an opportunity to enter the regular courses next year.

The seismographic station has been maintained as usual, and the records of earthquakes as shown by the seismographs in Berkeley and at Mount Hamilton have been prepared for publication.


He was a rather distinguished looking youth, with flashing eyes, and somewhat longish blond hair, and a physique that suggested a modern Viking. It can be as crass as a shortcut to success, or as heady as a gateway to your soul. I reply to your invaluable letter not till the third day, and from this place! First and foremost, a special thank you goes to Mary Ellen Bickford and her husband, Don Robertson, who gave their unending love and support to this project and who spent countless hours and incredible dedication helping to take the First Edition book to a higher note. That was a wonderful day for the boy Oliver when, with the farewells of his parents, brothers and sisters, friends and benefactors, ringing in his ears, he started to college. Revealing Fire by Connie Stevens. Many of them said, "Give our greetings to the Adventists in America.

Lawson, Professor of Mineralogy and Geology, who has been absent during the year on leave, sailed to France in November, , and has been engaged since that time in Red Cross work in a base hospital. In consequence of war conditions the enrollment in the Department of German declined sharply from in the fall of to in the fall of Statistics collected by the Department of German of the University of Wisconsin show that this loss 64 per cent is approximately the same as the average for the eighteen leading universities of the country.

The staff of the Department of Greek has been increased in the last year to include four members, with the appointment of Dr. Roger M. Jones as Instructor in Greek. The department staff was further augmented by Professor Paul Shorey of the University of Chicago who, as Sather Professor of Classical Literature during the second half-year, conducted two excellent courses on Aristotle and Aristotelianism and on Greek and English Poetry.

In keeping with the policy of the department of providing instruction in as many phases of Greek civilization as possible, new courses were offered by Dr. Jones on the Philosophy of Plato, and by Dr. In order to strengthen the work in the graduate division, the department issues annually a special announcement of courses which is widely distributed.

The effects of this announcement are being shown in the encouraging outlook already visible for graduate students next year. Ivan M. James T. Allen, Associate Professor of Greek.

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He had been in the service of the University for twenty-five years. The outstanding event of the year for the Department of History was the death on April 16, , of H. Morse Stephens, Sather Professor of History. In his decease the department and the University have suffered an incalculable and an irreparable loss. In Professor Stephens came from Cornell University with an already established reputation for great scholarship and unusual ability as a lecturer.

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During his seventeen years of service here he devoted himself to teaching, lecturing, and promoting historical scholarship. As a teacher and public lecturer he exercised a personal influence unequalled by any other professor. He can never be replaced, but his influence is permanently stamped upon the department and the University. The Department of History regards with the greatest satisfaction the plans already formulated for establishing the Henry Morse Stephens Travelling Fellowships in European History, and feels that no more fitting memorial could be erected to the memory of the great man who did so much for the cause of historical study and teaching on the Pacific Coast.

More than seven hundred students were enrolled, and were divided into four lecture groups. After the armistice, Professor Stephens and K. The advanced teaching and research work in European History has been much improved by the segregation in Room Library of a large collection of sources of European history of which L. The room now contains about volumes of selected materials, and provides seats for seventy-five students.

In the same connection, the executors of the will of Professor Stephens have been asked to donate to Room , his seminar room, and that part of the Library which his presence has made memorable to many generations of students, such pictures, ornaments, and other personal belongings as will be the best reminders of his inspiring labors there. Because of war conditions the year was an unusually busy one for all members of the department.

In spite of these circumstances the work of research and publication went on, thus continuing a scholarly output which has given the department high standing among the universities of the country. Polk, which is now ready for publication. It will prove, no doubt, to be the authoritative treatment of the subject. Professor Paetow continued to serve as secretary of the department, a post which he has filled admirably for over seven years. By way of research he laid the bibliographical foundations for his projected work on the University of Paris during the Middle Ages.

Teggart, Associate Professor of History, was absent during the entire year, engaged in war work in Washington, D. Two chapters of the work were published in and in the English Historical Review.

Other chapters are practically in final shape, and three remain to be done before the book is complete.