My C.E.O. Didnt Pull Out

Tesla’s Investors Make the Company. They May Also Ruin Its CEO.
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The failed IPO was more than just a public-relations disaster, though. Instead, it got nothing. That left it with enough money in the bank to cover its massive and mounting losses only until next month , according to multiple reports. Money was so tight that WeWork is said to have delayed a mass layoff because it didn't have enough money to pay affected workers.

With WeWork teetering, SoftBank could, in theory, have sat on its hands. If that proposal hadn't come together, SoftBank could have played a waiting game with WeWork and its controlling shareholder, cofounder Adam Neumann, to see which blinked first. Presumably, the closer WeWork came to running out of cash, the less it would have been worth — and the less SoftBank would have had to pay out.

And if WeWork had gone into bankruptcy, SoftBank could have bought it back at a fraction of what it ended up paying. The problem with such an approach is that playing hardball with WeWork could well have sunk the company, and with it, any hopes that SoftBank would see any kind of return on its investment, business experts said.

7 Ways to Get Your CEO Fired

It's not irrational to think that WeWork still has value, business experts said. The company has a prominent brand and existing leases. There's clearly demand for the service it offers — short-term leases for entrepreneurs, startups, and small teams, they said. But rescuing WeWork was likely going to become increasingly difficult the closer it got to running out of cash, business experts said.

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One of the big dangers was that the uncertainty surrounding its business would prompt its best employees to leave, they said. The company has already seen the departure of numerous executives in the wake of Neumann's resignation as CEO and is planning to cut thousands of jobs.

It ran the risk that crucial employees would precede or follow them. Another worry is that the company's customers could ditch it for offices operated by other coworking companies. I nodded and rushed to turn the projector on, took a deep breath, and started. In my head, everything was going to go smoothly.

What the hell went wrong? I practiced, I designed beautiful slides, and I anticipated every question that could have been asked.

Case Study: Did We Expand Too Quickly?

Their schedules are jam-packed with all sorts of important things like meetings, developing company strategies, mitigating organizational risks, and the like. Presenting to senior executives requires a special kind of approach. How should you present slides to a CEO? Here are four tips that you NEED to know if you want to earn a nod from company bigwigs. This is especially true for the corporate elite.

“I’m a Terrible Person”: Behind the Epic Meltdown That Ended Travis Kalanick

And because of this, you need to only communicate the messages that senior executives need to know. If you are the type of presenter that likes to add fluff to the content just to seem more intelligent, or if you just enjoy hyping things to get to the big reveal then you are almost certainly setting yourself up for failure. Executive presentations are not always the best time for surprises. At this level of the corporate heirachy, people only want information that they can use to make decisions. An excellent technique to apply here is to summarize your entire content from the very beginning.

Do this by developing and presenting a summary slide at the beginning of your presentation. This should contain all the key points that you will expand further later on.


You know what people who fail their presentations have in common? Do you really need a study to prove visuals help people interpret information faster than the traditional list of bullet points, tables, and boring Smart Art? Be prepared.

Have someone review your content and give you feedback. Time yourself and practice your body language. Nice blog post.

My CEO Didn't Pull Out

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