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As a leading expert in in the area, Dr. Azizzadeh has worked with many patients who were initially promised unrealistic results, leaving these patients with a nose that they had not anticipated and desiring a revision rhinoplasty surgery.

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You can trust that Dr. Azizzadeh will always have your best interests in mind, and provide you with his honest expert opinion on what is best and realistic for you. The key aspect to a natural looking revision rhinoplasty is really your anatomy. Azizzadeh believes ethnicity and gender play an important role to create a nose that really fits your face. Azizzadeh thoroughly examines your bone structure, lips, chin, neck, and the under eyes as each of these components needs to be in balance with the nose.

Ultimately, he wants your eyes to be the focus of your face. When someone looks at you and their focus naturally goes to your eyes, that is the result of a natural revision rhinoplasty outcome. The key aspect is a nose that it creates the perfect balance between all features. As a top-rated revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr.

Azizzadeh strives to help each secondary nose job patient achieve a natural-looking nose. Azizzadeh learns about a revision rhinoplasty patient and creates a custom treatment plan. He then works with a revision rhinoplasty patient to deliver the optimal results. Azizzadeh offers instructions at the pre-operative appointment to help a revision rhinoplasty patient prepare for treatment.

He helps a patient plan for the night before and morning of a revision rhinoplasty in Los Angeles. Azizzadeh also provides instructions for postoperative revision rhinoplasty care. Some medications may cause a revision rhinoplasty patient to bleed more than normal during treatment. Therefore, Dr. Azizzadeh sometimes recommends revision rhinoplasty patients stop taking certain medications a few weeks before surgery. Following a revision rhinoplasty, the recovery process is critical in achieving a beautiful result. At our office, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of post-surgical guidelines.

Azizzadeh wants a revision rhinoplasty patient to know what to expect following his or her procedure.

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He details the revision rhinoplasty treatment process to help a patient establish a realistic recovery timeline. If any questions or concerns arise at any point during your revision rhinoplasty recovery, we are at your disposal. Please call or email us with any questions and we will help with anything you need. Revision rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure with a recovery period of one to two weeks. A patient may need to stay home from work for seven to 10 days after surgery, depending on the amount of bruising and swelling. The patient will have a splint on the nose, which will be removed one week later.

Most patients will not have nasal packing after a revision rhinoplasty. It also is important to note that revision rhinoplasty requires a long-term commitment and routine follow ups are critical components of your nose surgery. Since full results will appear within one to two years after surgery once all of the internal swelling has dissipated, Dr.

Revision Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills – Dr. Richard W. Fleming

The patient will then be seen every 3 months for the first year and annually after that. As an expert Los Angeles-based revision rhinoplasty surgeon dedicated to patient care, Dr. Azizzadeh stays in touch with a patient throughout the recovery cycle. Azizzadeh provides a revision rhinoplasty patient with insights into all aspects of surgery and responds to his or her concerns or questions. If an initial nose job results in breathing difficulties or cosmetic problems, revision rhinoplasty is necessary to correct such issues.

With Dr. Azizzadeh at his or her side, a patient can take solace in the fact that he or she is working with an expert Beverly Hills revision rhinoplasty surgeon. Azizzadeh understands the challenges associated with traditional and revision rhinoplasty procedures. Yet Dr. To accomplish this goal, Dr.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Simoni for my Revision Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is perhaps the most challenging of all plastic surgery procedures. Even in the best of hands, external deformities or breathing difficulties may occur​. Revision rhinoplasty applies to any patient who has previously undergone rhinoplasty one or more times and desires improvement in the.

Azizzadeh creates a custom revision rhinoplasty treatment plan. When it comes to finding a top revision rhinoplasty surgeon in California, patients often choose Dr. To date, Dr. Azizzadeh has performed facial rejuvenation procedures for international dignitaries, celebrities and even other physicians. Azizzadeh also personalizes each facial rejuvenation treatment plan to his patient, ensuring he or she can achieve the best-possible results. Revision rhinoplasty helps an individual correct the results of a bad nose job. It may be performed for cosmetic or medical reasons, and studies indicate revision rhinoplasty is performed after approximately 5 percent to 15 percent of nose jobs.

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Like any surgery, a revision rhinoplasty offers no guarantees. However, revision rhinoplasty performed by an expert facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon like Dr. Azizzadeh can be successful. Azizzadeh tailors a revision nose job to his patient, ensuring this individual can achieve his or her desired results. Revision rhinoplasty may be ideal for individuals who are dealing with cosmetic or functional issues after nose surgery.

In some instances, patients request revision rhinoplasty to create facial harmony following a failed nose job. Or, in other instances, patients undergo revision rhinoplasty surgery to treat functional nasal issues that occur after a nose job.

This typically occurs as early as 15 or 16 years old for girls and 16 or 17 years old for boys. To determine if an individual is eligible for revision rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Azizzadeh meets with him or her and performs an evaluation. If Dr.

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Azizzadeh believes a secondary nose surgery can help a patient correct mistakes from a past nose job, he will perform a revision rhinoplasty. A failed nose job is a devastating experience for both a patient and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Gorgeous Revision Rhinoplasty Results by Dr. Ghavami

For a patient, a failed nose job delivers unwanted treatment results. Meanwhile, for a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, a failed nose job represents a missed opportunity to help a patient achieve a nose that matches his or her facial features. There is a low risk of complications associated with revision rhinoplasty. Common revision nose surgery complications include:. Azizzadeh strives to help a patient make an informed treatment decision. As such, he educates patients about revision rhinoplasty, its benefits and its potential complications prior to treatment.

Revision Rhinoplasty Explained

Create a free personal account to download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts, customize your interests, and more. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives License, which permits for noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any digital medium, provided the original work is properly cited and is not altered in any way. To correct this, an implant or nasal graft called a plumping graft or subnasal graft may be used to push the columella down and lift the upper lip region. This Issue. Surgery of the middle vault will often compromise the internal nasal valve New York: Thieme;

Azizzadeh also crafts a custom treatment plan designed to help a patient minimize the risk of complications. With this plan in place, Dr. Azizzadeh and a patient can work together to achieve the optimal revision nose surgery results. Revision rhinoplasty is a highly specialized procedure.

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Therefore, it is important to work with a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who possesses extensive knowledge of the nose, face and head. Azizzadeh has dual certification in head and neck surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He takes a holistic approach to revision rhinoplasty procedures, and by doing so, helps patients address both cosmetic and functional nasal problems.

Revision rhinoplasty and septoplasty procedures are both nose surgeries, but there are many differences between the two. A revision rhinoplasty corrects the results of a prior nose job. On the other hand, a septoplasty treats a deviated septum, a problem that occurs when the bone and cartilage between the nostrils are displaced.

During a septoplasty, the nasal septum is repositioned and straightened.

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The cost of a revision rhinoplasty surgery varies based on the surgeon performing the procedure, the extent of the surgery needed and other factors. Azizzadeh explains the costs associated with revision rhinoplasty before he performs the procedure. For those who break their nose after undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, there is no guarantee they will need a revision rhinoplasty. If a person experiences severe trauma due to a broken nose, he or she may require a rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty to address this issue.

The ultimate goal of a rhinoplasty is to help a patient achieve a balanced, natural-looking facial appearance, with a nose that complements the eyes, cheeks and other facial features. Meanwhile, a bad nose job results in an unbalanced or unnatural-looking facial appearance defined by any of the following facial characteristics:. If a person undergoes a rhinoplasty surgery but experiences any of the aforementioned issues, consulting with Dr.