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In the center of a rich cluster of galaxies located in the direction of the constellation of Coma Berenices, lies a….

After protests and a judge's ruling brought the colossal Thirty Meter Telescope project to a halt, a state panel has…. This oddly-shaped galactic spectacle is bursting with brand new stars. The pink fireworks in this image taken with the…. Unexpected surprise: a final image from Rosetta. Unexpected surprise: a final image from Rosetta Scientists analysing the final telemetry sent by Rosetta immediately….

NASA is testing cutting-edge propulsion for upcoming asteroid mission.

Guide Le prime luci del mattino (Arcobaleno) (Italian Edition)

The launch date was moved after the team reassessed the schedule following testing. Gas flows in the early universe may have kept clouds from collapsing too soon, enabling them to grow into massive black…. Moon village the first stop to Mars: ESA. ESA said the Moon was the 'right place to be' and Mars is 'ultimate destination' Said immediate goal was to have a….

Guiseppe Lanci: The Shape of Light (Italian Version)

Bursting with Starbirth. To test its sensitivity to rapidly altering energy outputs, during the eclipse RAVAN's highly sensitive nanotubes were….

For decades, astronomers have tried to pin down why two of the most common types of active galaxies, known as Type I…. Dark energy may not exist.

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Research finds a possible explanation for accelerating cosmic expansion that challenges standard cosmological models…. Analysing a mixture of earth samples and meteorites, scientists from the University of Bristol have shed new light on….

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Searching for distant worlds with a flying telescope - University of Bern. Researchers from the University of Bern, using an observatory on board a jumbo jet, have observed how the extrasolar…. Gravitational twists help theoretical physicists shed light on quantum complexity.

Are we are living in a computer simulation? Intriguingly, the crux of this question may be hiding in an exotic quantum…. The volatile processes that shaped Earth. Oxford University scientists have shed new light on how the Earth was first formed. Three ears listen even more accurately than two. With a third large detector, we can even more accurately determine….

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ricerca, scienza, fantascienza, fantasia ed alta tecnologia sono i mondi che Luca Rossi vive e trasferisce nelle proprie. L'Erede della Luce (I Rami del Tempo) (Volume 2) (Italian Edition) [Luca Rossi] on redghardsucer.ml *FREE* $ 4 Used from $ 6 New from $

European detector spots its first gravitational wave. A new survey promises the most complete map of radio-emitting celestial sources ever made. It will reveal thousands of…. In , the New Horizons spacecraft provided our first up-close look at Pluto and its moons, helping to transform our…. On Sept. A color composite image of Earth was taken on Sept. Studying the cosmos for over a quarter century, the Hubble Space Telescope has made more than a million observations…. Progenitor for Tycho's supernova was not hot and luminous. A white dwarf that is accreting material from the donor star becomes a source of copious X-ray and extreme UV photons ….

Mapping the nearby Universe. Mapping the nearby Universewww.

CAPO PLAZA - Tesla feat. Sfera Ebbasta, DrefGold (Prod. AVA, Charlie Charles, Daves The Kid)

IceCube helps demystify strange radio bursts from deep space. For a decade, astronomers have puzzled over ephemeral but incredibly powerful radio bursts from space. The phenomena…. A recently discovered dwarf galaxy in the constellation Lynx may serve well as a proxy for better understanding the…. One of the big values of…. Study confirms cosmic rays have extragalactic origins. For the first time, scientists have confirmed that the highest-energy cosmic rays that bombard the Earth come from…. When fast radio bursts, or FRBs, were first detected in , astronomers had never seen anything like them before….

Hope to discover sure signs of life on Mars? New research says look for the element vanadium. Where do cosmic rays come from? Solving a year old mystery, a collaboration of researchers has discovered it's much…. Particles traveling at fair fractions of the speed of light hit Earth all the time.

These ridiculously energetic…. High-energy cosmic rays come from outside our Galaxy. Sun on the sky's equator EarthSky. This article is re-printed with permission from Guy Ottewell's Universal Workshop The equinox will strike, like a bell…. Work on China's mission to Mars 'well underway'. A Long March-5 carrier rocket is scheduled to blast off in July or August It will carry will carry 13 types of….

Is the Milky Way an 'outlier' galaxy? Studying its 'siblings' for clues. The most-studied galaxy in the universe - the Milky Way - might not be as "typical" as previously thought, according to…. Read More. Nearly one century later, Friedrich W. The revised storyline casts the vampire as an outsider, and follows the lives of immigrants, who must also battle with their image as social pariahs.

Does this word not sound like the midnight call of the Bird of Death? Si tratta del rifacimento di uno dei capolavori della storia del cinema, il Nosferatu girato da Murnau nel And even if I love it, I love and hate it. At last, this Monday, the film will premiere at Pier People see them as strangers, so I thought 'Dracula' was a really good metaphor for our times," artist Andrea Mastrovito said. The movie looks at how immigrants assimilate — including barriers they face, like discrimination and other hardships. Le copie vanno al macero.

Ma il regista tedesco, questa volta, non ci sta: ne nasconde una, che diventa clandestina. In the classic silent horror film Nosferatu , inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula , a mysterious stranger arrives in a German town and wreaks death and destruction.

Murnau's iconic vampire film with a contemporary twist. This August, More Art premieres NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century by Andrea Mastrovito, a spectacular, hand-animated, silent film that combines music and community engagement to create a powerful and poignant statement about the horrors of the unknown and the inspiring search for liberty.

Da questa rocambolesca vicenda alla celebrazione storica, il passo fu breve. Questo ambizioso progetto di arte pubblica che unisce film, musica ed impegno sociale — con lo scopo di presentare un resoconto intenso e mordace dei diritti degli immigranti nel mondo di oggi — consiste nella trasposizione a New York del famoso film Nosferatu di Friedrich W. Presentazione magistrale quella che fa Helga Marsala su Artribune. E per fortuna. Il cinema avrebbe perso uno dei suoi miti. The whole original movie, Nosferatu , is entirely re-drawn, frame by frame, by the artist and a team of twenty assistants.

In the process, they will create more than Andrea Mastrovito b. More Art is a New York-based nonprofit organization that fosters collaborations between professional artists and communities to create public art and educational programs that inspire social justice. We prioritize community participation, and approach critical issues respectfully and poignantly, while encouraging solutions-based dialogue and action. Projects are anchored by sustainable collaborations with grassroots organizations addressing social justice issues specific to their communities.

It was a night of Halloween Horror! Thanks for Joining the Masquerade. Sunset Park, Brooklyn Featuring the original soundtrack by Simone Giuliani Family-friendly drawing and animation art activities start at pm Please bring your own picnic blanket or chair and a warm sweatshirt, just in case it gets chilly. Silver is naturally precious, unmodified by any galvanic process. The forging and the surface effects are meant to highlight brightness, creating light-shadow games. Jewels are touches of sparkle and sophisticate class thanks to an astonishing design, sheltering passion and unicity inside itself.

An Athena jewel means purity in touch with skin and unicity of a hand made jewel, realized through passion and self-denial, honouring something that is not simply a job but real art. Athena jewels are entirely designed and realized in Italy.