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About fifteen minutes later Cynthia found the perturbed little fellow we were so anxious to see…. As it turned out, we never did find the dragon.

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Ratings Please Enter Rating. Ruskin, of course, knew all this. I need you to quit. Ultratop in Dutch. Seriously, do you really think you can get through the rest of the day? Retrieved 21 June

But this, as we all knew, was but a secondary entrance to this Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Walking to the west front and looking up again, we saw, amidst another set of breath-taking architectural shapes and forms, a handful of the dozens of sculpted figures of saints and bishops which gaze down on those who wish to enter the church from this, its principal entrance:. As a consequence of such not knowing, we have, quite literally, no idea what we are missing!

Ruskin, of course, knew all this. Admitting this inadequacy, however, there was still so much else that we could appreciate, so much, as we made our way around and inside Notre-Dame over the course of the next two days, which made us want to sing and dance in delight, that we forgot what we did not know in favor of what was shimmering before our eyes.

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I believe the right question is to ask, [Ruskin said,] respecting all ornament [on our buildings], is simply this: was it done with enjoyment, was the worker happy while he was about it? It may be the hardest work possible, and harder because so much pleasure was taken in it, but it must have been happy, too, or it will not be living ….

In , Ruskin trekked from the smoke-smothered city of London to the similarly smoke-smothered city of Manchester. Back in London, on a December day, a day when the sun had been blotted out entirely by factory smoke, he received a letter from a dear friend, Susan Scott. Regarding which new erection, I suppose, the pertinent questions might be: 1 what might we imagine were the mental states of those who actually constructed these new law courts; and, 2 how eager might we be to spend some few thousands of dollars or an equal number of pounds or euros to go and examine it for a few days, eager, immediately after we arrived, to hurt down its modern equivalents of a vexed little man and a biting dragon?

Thank you, Jim. That is a fine piece of writing, by you and by Ruskin. The photographs are splendid too.

I think we made that trip, or rather study tour, in October You are quite right about the date, so thanks for the correction. All best wishes! Hello, I can not believe you have visited so recently and that we did not bump into each other.

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I am the guide to Normandy for the russian speaking tourists, and a specialist in Norman medieval history. History, not architecture!

But it has been my private yearning to find as much as I can about the carvings at the north portail of the Rouen Cathedral! There is a new, exhaustive study done by hundreds of experts and one of the chapters is consecrated to exactly this subject! It is in French, thought, I wonder if you can read French? If so I can scan you some pages of it!

Cheers from Normandy, sincerely Yours,.

Dear Natalya, I am most interested in your reply to Professor Spates. I was with the group at Rouen and elsewhere. I also write about Ruskin and Proust and am currently writing about Normandy. It would be interesting to make contact by email! Thank you.


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Why Ruskin. To show why Ruskin, a revered and acknowledged genius in his own nineteenth century, is still relevant today. Skip to content.