The Practice of Physick by Alexander Gordon

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The Practice of Physick by Alexander Gordon: On Being a Physician - and a Patient - in the 18th Century [Peter Bennett] on *FREE* shipping on. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Peter Bennett is the co-author of a number of books, one of.

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See our disclaimer. This remarkable book never got to see the light of day when it was written two centuries ago. Its author, a Georgian doctor produced this examination of 18th century medicine at the same time as publishing an extremely controversial book on infection. Alexander Gordon had proved conclusively that puerperal child-bed fever was passed between patients by midwives. The idea met with outrage and hostility and saw him forced to leave his native city of Aberdeen, leaving behind hundreds of carefully penned pages of The Practise of Physick, a near-complete general text of medicine.

THE FURY by Alexander Gordon Smith

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Alford, Henry Anderson, Andrew, M. Bennett, Edward, M. Burdler, George F. Fisher, W.

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The Practice of Physick by Alexander Gordon

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The Practice Of Physick By Alexander Gordon By Peter Bennett: Link here

This story was updated in John Gordon. Indenture was not slavery. Indentured servants had rights, and had an agreed end to the terms, Slaves did not. Your history of Alexander Gordon is wrong. For information about Alexander Gordon, we relied on A. There is a profound difference between indenture and slavery.

On being a physician - and a patient - in the 18th century

Slavery involves ownership of the entire person often not considered as such as property. Indenture is ownership of the labor of a person, usually in the form of payment of a debt, and, as the article above indicates, almost always under written contract. Slavery is forever. Indentures end, and the person is then free to pursue their own lives. As the descendant of at least two Dunbar prisoners, I strenuously object to confusing indenture with slavery out of emotion and ignorance, or for dramatic effect. My ancestors were not sold—their compelled labor as prisoners of war was sold to pay off the cost of their luxurious travel across the North Atlantic in chains in the hold of a small merchant ship.

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