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The finish is dry and refreshing. Taste note: Straw-coloured and zesty, with strong citrus aromas, starting with a zip of lemon and lime in the mouth, and ending with a flash of passion fruit.

Brings out the best in spicy food, smoked meats and kebabs. Taste Note: The fresh aroma of hops blends seamlessly with light fruity-sweet notes. In the mouth the beer feels succulent and despite its lower gravity delivers a good measure of hoppy bitterness.

This is complemented by a light, almost honeyed malty sweetness. Based on Maris otter malt, this is a really nice session beer perfect for getting shipwrecked on a sunny afternoon! A dark amber hue and an initial malty flavour with a citrus after taste.

The 4. Welcome to the home of The Porthleven Drinking Club.


About This Game This package includes a tutorial, The Ship Single Player, which introduces you to some gameplay mechanics and storyline, and The Ship Multiplayer where you can hunt and be hunted by other players. Formed originally in Melbourne back in , the Bass Agents pioneered a new era in the underground dance scene in Malaysia with their infectious merchandise and monthly full-house parties. Our ships are purpose-built for experiencing Arctic waters with minimal impact on the environment. From the streets of New York, ION always brings the big horns, big pass and big hip-hop energy to every event he plays. Optional: help us by adding the time.

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Food served: till and till Lunch is served from to and Dinner from to Sandwiches lunch time only Sandwiches are served on granary bread and come with a pot of fries. Style: Amber Ale Taste Note: An enticing aroma of resinous hop, sweet malt and delicate roasted notes. Generally, though, this effect is an artefact of animating a ship between two recorded positions with missing data between, especially when the positions are separated by a narrow strip of land.

We may develop the map to remove this effect in the future.

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Unfortunately the data we are using for the map is incomplete for the first few months of the year: roughly January to April. UCL EI took data showing location and speed of ships and cross-checked it with another database to get the vessel characteristics, such as engine type and hull measurements.

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We are very grateful to our funders, the European Climate Foundation. Carbon CO 2 t. Freight Containers.

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Vehicles kt. Options Show. Ship type.