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Difficulty: Average. Played times. As of Nov 24 In which year were the club formed? Who was the club's first manager in their history? Frank Brettell.

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55 questions and answers about 'Tottenham Hotspur' in our 'Teams S-Z' category​. Did you know these fun facts and interesting bits of information? This is a quiz about the history of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.​ Who scored Tottenham's first goal in the Premier League in its inception in the season?​ In the season, Tottenham won the double which consisted of the League title and FA Cup.

Fred Kirkham. John Cameron. Peter McWilliam.

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Can we do them?? We talk about Kane's return. Olympiacos-Tottenham Olympiacos v Tottenham facts. Difficulty: Average. With Chairs away we violate a cardinal rule and talk golf for a few minutes. We'll also break down the best Spurs players and where they rank. Top 10 Tottenham PL scorers.

Which of these played the most League games for the club? Paul Gascoigne. Gary Mabbutt. Steve Perryman.

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Pat Jennings. Who scored Tottenham's first goal in the Premier League in its inception in the season? Gordon Durie.

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Pat Van Den Hauwe. Teddy Sheringham. Neil Ruddock. Aston Villa.

Leicester City. Which of these players did not play for both Tottenham and bitter rivals, Arsenal? Save for a single FA Cup in , the next five decades were fairly uneventful for the club. The post-WWII period saw them perk up a bit, especially after they started implementing the "push and run" style of play.

While one of the biggest reasons Tottenham won a League title in , this strategy did not prove particularly effective once the opposing teams had started adapting to it. The appointment of club legend Bill Nicholson as manager in was the dawn of a new era for the club. Nicholson's time with the club is widely recognized as the greatest period in Tottenham's history; during his sixteen years at the helm, he led the club to a League title , three FA Cups , , , two League Cups , , one Cup Winners' Cup and the inaugural UEFA Cup Nicholson's departure in left an immediate impact on the club, which was relegated not long afterwards.

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Their troubles would not last too long, however; with a new manager, Keith Burkinshaw, and a couple of star signings, Tottenham returned to the spotlight by claiming an FA Cup in After defending the trophy the following year, they went one step further by winning their second UEFA Cup in , outlasting Anderlecht in the final's penalty shootout. This was big news not only because of the quality of the players, but also since it marked the end of a ban that had been in practice for almost 50 years in English football concerning foreign players.

Ardiles would play ten years for the club and Villa five years, both became very popular among the fans. The next couple of decades were decidedly mixed, with three successful Cup forays standing out in a sea of mediocre league finishes.