“Who on Earth Is Tom Baker?”
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His love of the fan base seems to be bigger than his appreciation of the programme itself. I love that approach, but I can see it might grate on those who want a full-blown dissection of his time as the Doctor. This is definitely not the book for that. Towards the end of the book the stories became a little more piecemeal and I got the sense Baker was running out of energy for the subject matter.

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His childhood memories are, possibly with the aid of a very active imagination, filled with a great sense of time and place. He might be synonymous with the role on television, but on the page he comes across as a very different person. His confusion at what happened to him — both the highs and lows of a very surprising life — provides both the funniest and the most moving aspect of his story. If he does feel much more benevolent now, I wonder what kind of book he would write about his past.

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Tom Baker - Who on Earth is Tom Baker Audiobook

Welcome to our inaugural Book Club meeting, putting Tom Baker's autobiography under discussion Jun 2, Den Of Geek Book Club. Tom Baker. Aliya Whiteley. Sponsored Links. The group masturbation scene was my favourite! I'm an autograph collector, but am always careful about picking the moment to ask for an autograph, and not invading personal space. Last year, I saw Jeremy Vine and his family walking along the street. I didn't interrupt the Vine family. Tom's autobiog is bonkers.

I met him at a signing last year He's always on show and always "in character" as Mad Tom. Does anyone know what he is really like? Apart from his three wives? Easy to say until it happens 20 times a day I wouldn't disagree that there are preferable ways to deal with fans other than snapping, but under the circumstances I don't think it's an unreasonable response.

And I certainly wouldn't assume it's representative of how the actor is in their real life. Great book.

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I met him in 76 when he opened a local fete, and got a signed photo, and he was extremely charming. However, I'm under no illusions that this is the real TB - by all accounts he can be a difficult, rude and thoroughly unpleasant man. But - he is a legend!!!

Tom baker autobiography book

I've worked with Tom many many times over the last 15 years. He seemed to "come out of the woodwork" after Jon Pertwee died. To his fans when he's "performing" he'll be wonderful - Very rarely has he been grumpy. Read Tom's book years ago when it first came out.

Who on Earth Is Tom Baker?

Have to agree it's a great read. As regards "celebrities" being rude to fans. I met David Tennant a couple of years ago in a bar in Cardiff.

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One of the great British television phenomena of the 60's and 70's, known to all who are now entering or firmly placed in mid-life, was the advent of Doctor Who. The hilarious, rumbustious and gloriously indiscreet autobiography of the most famous and best-loved Doctor Who. Tom Baker's autobiography covers his.

He was with his then girlfriend so, not wanting to spoil his night out I just said hello and didn't ask for an autograph. Michael Caine once said he would happily sign an autograph for anyone when asked, except if he was out eating a meal. He would expect people to observe a little curtesy and not interupt him. I think thats a reasonable attitude to take. It's also the only time he has ever spoken out in response of somem of the criticism levelled against him. I have absolute sympathy for Tom Baker, and anyone who plays a character like the doctor.

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I'm sure its very nice the first time a complete stranger comes up to you when your trying to buy your spuds and tells you how great you are. I'm also sure that its lovely the second, third,one hundredth, and so forth. However, after 30 odd years of people coming telling you that in your spare time I suspect it will get more than a little trying. There are plenty of days that, if i've had a bad day at work and some stranger tried to randomly chat to me in the supermarket I might tell them to f O--, and it hasn't been happening to me 20 times a day for 30 years.

I don't care what TV show you were in or what iconic character you played you still have the right to a private life and to be left alone when you pop out for some edam and some bannanas. That said, if I saw Tom Baker in Tesco, i'm sure i would probably react by running up to him shouting, "OMG you are my favorite doctor. Do you have the Sonic with you! Yes it is an entertaining read, but like most Tom Baker interviews, I suspect that book should come with a large pinch of salt Remember watching him being interviewed on Pebble Mill a good few years back, he seems to love to try and make his poor interviewer as uncomfortable as possible by taking them so far off topic and script, allways a joy to watch when his on that kind of mischeivous form.

That reminds me of Barry Letts' autobiography where he warns to take Jon Pertwee's anecdotes with a pinch of salt.